The toughest iPad Case, The Tank


iPad-waterproof-case-tankYou need the best protection for your iPad.
Water, sand, dust and drops are no match for this case. Say hello to the Tank iPad Case. Buy it here

This case is compatible for the iPad 1 and iPad 2 and allows access to the home button.
Just holding this case in your hands you know you have quality. Made in Germany this thing means business. You need an iPad waterproof case, you got it. Need an iPad rugged case to endure the drops and hits, you got it in spades.

I can easily see someone buying this for their boat or a business to protect the iPad in a factory. As you might imagine, factory workers are not always careful with the equipment. In this situation the Tank case would be perfect, protecting the ipad from drops,  scratches and dust, effectively reducing the cost of buying new iPads every two weeks.

Another thing that sets the Tank waterproof ipad case apart from the rest is that you have access to all ports and buttons,  all of these have protective seal caps to protect from water when not in use. The Home button is always accessible and the clear plastic for the screen gives great visibility and touch function.

Available in black and white, compatible with all ram mounts, you can easily mount it anywhere you like, on the boat, truck or even a carrying strap.

- Very high quality materials and construction.
- Exceptional protection against water, sand, dust, scratches and bumps.
- Access to all buttons and ports that also have a waterproof seal caps when not in use
- Easy installation
- Compatible with iPad 1 and iPad 2

- Expensive but there is always a price for quality products

You can buy this case here: